Our life at Karl-Tövåsen’s living shieling

Our day starts just after 5 am in the morning. There are always two of us working, one to take care of the dairy and the milk and one to milk and take care of all the animals. The first one up fires the boiler that heats the water we need for all the dishwashing etc.

The cows have spent the night in the barn and are now rested, hungry for some hay and concentrate. We start mucking and grooming, feeding and then milking.

The milk is then filtered into a milk jug. The person in the dairy then takes care of the milk immediately and starts turning it into cheese. When you make cheese, you get curd and whey. The curd becomes cheese and the whey is then used to make whey butter. Not all whey is made into whey butter, so the pigs usually get some of it.