Butter and Cheeses for Sale

During the summer pasture season, the following products are sold:

  • Butter
  • Whey butter
  • Summer cheese
  • Småost – seasoned cheese with chives or garlic
  • Shieling Feta / Salad Cheese
  • Tövås Gubben
  • Tövåsens White

During the rest of the year we make:

  • Butter
  • Tövås Gubben
  • Tövåsens White

If you want to be absolutely sure to find a certain product, it is safest to order. The easiest way to do this is by text message to +46 (0)70-232 65 25, as we don’t have a computer at the shieling and mobile reception is poor.


We make it every day from sour raw cream. In summer, the butter is yellow as gold!

Whey butter 

Cooked almost every day from the whey that comes out of the fermentation. Pasteurized.

Tövås Gubben 

Cellar stored whole milk blue cheese. Stored on an untreated spruce plank in the stone cellar. Raw milk.

Tövåsens White 

White mould cheese of the Camembert type. Raw milk.

Summer cheese 

A whole milk cheese that we make every morning after milking. Natural, seasoned with caraway or freshly pressed garlic. If you want it extra fresh, please pre-order. Made of raw milk.

Shieling Feta / Salad Cheese 

A lean cheese almost without fat. Good for salads. Made of raw milk.

Small Cheese (Småost) 

A grainy cream cheese that goes very well with hard bread or crackers. Also goes well with grilled meat. Seasoned with chives or garlic. Pasteurized.