Small cheese / Cheese Curd – Delicious, quick and easy 

This example is for 10 litres of milk. Reduce by half if you’re just making some for the family.

Heat 10 litres of milk to about 94°C. Add half a coffee cup of 12% vinegar while stirring. Do not turn off the heat until you see the milk separate. It will turn into curd and whey, which should be very yellow. Maybe a few drops more vinegar are needed.

When it has separated, remove it from the heat immediately. Scoop up the curd with a colander. Scoop in a way that you get some whey as well. Also save some whey for later. Like a cup or so. Cool the curd in a water bath or similar.

When it has cooled, drain off the whey, but not too much. Put a disposable glove on your hand or clean hands thoroughly, then crumble the curd so that it is finely distributed. If it feels dry, pour some of the whey back in.

Now it’s time to add salt. One tablespoon to 10 litres of milk should be enough. But taste it and go from there.

The cheese is now ready. If you want, you can season with almost anything, such as chopped chives, leeks and dill or black pepper.

The cheese is a cream cheese and lasts about two weeks in the refrigerator. Very good on crispbread, biscuits or with grilled meat.